Birch White Rotary Import Cut

Birch is strong, hard, and heavy and boasts an off-white to light tan sapwood and golden brown Heartwood. It is a close-grained wood with an indistinct grain pattern. The species works well; it is easy to paint, stain, and finish.

Weber Plywood & Lumber Co. has a large selection of Birch and Baltic Birch hardwood panel products.

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3mm 4X8 C4 VENEER CORE (5112), 5.2mm 4X8 C2 VENEER CORE (5135), 5.2mm 4X8 A1 VENEER CORE (5128), 9mm 4X8 C2 VENEER CORE (5136), 12mm 4X8 C2 VENEER CORE (5151), 15mm 4X8 C2 VENEER CORE (5171), 18mm 4X8 C2 VENEER CORE WHOLE PIECE FACE (5172)