Particle Board Commercial Grade Fir

Particle board is an artificial wood made by compressing wood chips with glue. The scraps used to form particle board can be any wood byproduct collected at a saw mill such as sawdust or wood shavings. The chips in the surface layer are thinner than those in the middle layer, so the surface of the particle board is denser and more compact than the middle

Due to its construction, particle board can be mimicked even while making extremely complex curves and edges that would require much more difficult preparation if hard wood was used. Particle Board can be laminated with coverings that give it other properties such as the waterproofing achieved with vinyl skin. This is a great material to use when low cost is of higher importance than strength.

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5/8” 4X8 (1962), 11/16” 4X8 (1965), 3/4” 4X8 (1975), 3/4” 4X10 (1880), 1” 4X8 (1900)