Fire Rated MDF (1″ Over Sized)

Weber’s Fire Rated Panels are designed for critical applications where fire retardant material is required. We offer two types of fire-rated panels.

First, we have softwood plywood in two grades, CDX and ACX, which are pressure treated with a fire retardant chemical after the panel is constructed. The purpose of this treatment is to retard the ability of the panels to support flames and to limit the amount of smoke that develops. Certain city and state codes require this treatment for specific applications in public buildings. Similar to how airplane manufacturers require fire-retardant materials inside of the plane.

Second, Weber offers MDF panels where the goal is the same as already mentioned, but the treatment is involved in the manufacturing process.

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¼” 4X8 (2108), ½” 4×8 (2109), ½” 4×10 (2110), ½” 5×8 (2067), ¾” 4×8 (2111), ¾” 4×10 (2112), ¾” 5×8 (2094), ¾” 5×10 (2114), 1” 4×8 (2113)