Vinyl Overlay Panels

Vinyl overlay panels are manufactured using a thin vinyl sheet laminated in a rolled adhesive process to particleboard, MDF, or plywood substrates. The flexibility of vinyl allows for one-sided panels while maintaining panel stability. Vinyl laminated panels are more wear-resistant than painted or film laminated.

The advantage of vinyl overlay is its clean and durable finish. Also, Vinyl Overlay is generally cheaper in comparison to MDF and Plywood. Typical applications for vinyl include laminated flooring, cabinet interiors, drawer bottoms, and cabinet or case backs.

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1/4" 4X8 WHITE 1 SIDE (2726), 1/4" 4X8 WHITE 2 SIDES (2735), 1/4" 4X8 BLACK 1 SIDE (3325), 1/4" 4X8 HARDROCK MAPLE 1 SIDE (3340), 1/4" 4X8 ALMOND 1 SIDE (2626)