Particle Board

Particle board was one of the first engineered wood products to be used in the woodworking industry. It is made from chipped wood fiber from a variety of sources.  Wood scrap and low grade lumber is recovered for use as ships and then combined with resins, waxes and other agents.  The panel is formed in a press to nearly any thickness.

It is typcally used as a core material for several products but can be used by itself.  It paints fairly well after some additonal peparation.  There are varieties of particle board that have some added agents that will result in a fire retardant panel as well as moisute resistant panels.

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Particle Board Products


  • 1/2” 4X8 FIR (1850)
  • 5/8” 4X8 FIR (1862)
  • 3/4” 4x8 PINE (1877)
  • 3/4” 4x8 FIR (1875)


  • 5/8” 4X8 FIR (1962)
  • 11/16” 4X8 FIR (1965)
  • 3/4” 4X8 FIR (1975)
  • 3/4” 4X10 FIR (1880)
  • 1” 4X8 FIR (1900)